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Short with us this Bear Market and be profitable. Not a trader? No worries we teach you how to trade, or you can allocate an amount to a PRO.
3d Fallen Ape
How to Mint NFT
Mint your NFT


Mint Price: 0.186 Ξ
Total minted: 102/5000
1+ to access the Private Chats & Web 3 job offers & Receive $FAP
3+ to access the Investment pool, Copy Trading & Full Academy


Fallen Apes are investors who used to be part of the Apes Sect but lost their money due to Shitcoins and are now captured by the Sect. As it goes once rich, there is no way out. However, in this scenario, there is a way back. Prisoners are captured and kept captive with constant investment courses and ressources that can help them achieve financial independence. When they make their money back and return to the Sect.

What do you get by being a Fallen Apes?

  • Investment Pool: Join a Pro Trader pool with your Staking Rewards
  • Trading Classes/Mentor, Giveways & Free $FAP
  • A Private Community With Alpha, Traders & Crypto Connoisseurs
  • Stake your NFT & Earn 10-30% APY in USDt


Once the $FAP token is launched you will be able to burn your Fallen Apes if you wish to receive $FAP tokens. In the meantime if you wish to get rid of your Fallen Apes for any reason you can use the buy back feature to return it or sell it on the second market.
Stake Your NFT

Stake your Fallen Apes

Get rewarded in USDt by holding your Fallen Apes, how? Easy, access our platform, connect your wallet and stake your NFT. Get 10-30% APY. Where does that money come from? We keep a percentage of the money we collect in the minting and add it to the staking contract, we also have trading contest where the money will go to the stakers. Stakers will also be part of a dynamic rewards system that rewards them with $FAP.
Mint and Join

Player Visualiser

See how your avatar would look like in the metaverse. You will be able to use your it in games that will support NFT Avatars.
Load 3D - Light

Investment Pool

Fallen Apes have the option to allocate the money not withdrawn from the staking contract to a trader of their choice depending on his history of trades and have him trade for them in order to generate a higher yield. They can chose the amount they allocate. The money is held in a smart contract and the trader will go through decentralized platforms in order to keep the money secure. Only the owner would be able to withdraw anything. They also have the option to deposit USDt but with every NFT comes a limit. One more way to create demand and incentive to HODl.

Available NFT & Rarity

The FAP Token

The FAP token will be introduced in order to reward NFT holder, once the USDt valut is emptied. A web 3 platform will also be available where you will be able to purchase Fallen Apes with $FAP. Mix good tokenomics & a good community and you get a token that Moons! $FAP will initially be distributed for free to the community and Fallen Apes members, later on the supply will grow with a staking protocol until it hit a cap.



5,000 Fallen Apes to be Minted

USDt Staking

Launch of the staking function for NFT Holders.

Investment Pool Trial

Private trial of the investment pool until we make sure everything is safe and okay.

Investment Pool

Launch of the Final version of the Invesment pool platform, after being tested and Audited.


Finalization, optimization of the whole platform. Adding a classification system to the Courses, Mentors, Alpha and other ressources.


Shift to the $FAP token. At this stage the community would be well anchored in the NFT ecosystem, therefore an addition of new features to be expected.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you do. If you're not a Fallen Apes you'll only have access to the basic general chat. No entires, courses, mentor or any other perk.

Every period you will have a balance in USDt added to your staking reward, you can withdraw them at any time.

You need 10 Fallen Apes to access the investment pool, staking. 5 Fallen Apes to get in the full community. Another reason to own multiple Fallen Apes would be to higher the maximum amount you can deposit in the investment pool.

By joining an investment pool, you may increase your APY by staking the NFT, but just as with other investment, you could potentially lose some of your gains. Because of this, we provide you the option to join whatever investment pool you choose, based on the performance and track record of the trader managing the pool.

Fallen Apes are works of art; the utilitarian elements added simply serve to increase demand and acquaint you with the DeFi ecosytem. The number of Fallen Apes is set at 5,000, and neither you nor anybody else will benefit from inviting anyone. Our community is committed to its members' personal development.